About me


My name is Victor-Nicolae Dorneanu and I’m glad you’ve found this place 🙂. I’m a computer scientist, security engineer, hacker, coder, sysadmin, team leader, author, Salsa/Bachata dancer, longboard/surfskate waver, Djembe player. Originally I’m from Romania (Oneşti, jud. Bacău), but since more than 20 years I live in Berlin, Germany and work in the Matrix.


I currently work as a Senior Security Engineer for Cashlink Technologies where I enable Security among Blockchain based products and technologies. From time to time I add new posts to my blog. And if I have enough time I might also continue working on my private projects on Github. I also maintain my personal knowledge base (I call it Zettelkasten) at brainfck.org.


I use Hugo to generate HTML content from Org Mode files (using ox-hugo) and Netlify to host this site. The Github repo is currently private but drop me an E-Mail if you need to know something.